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Nuove voliere modulari

From next June we are proud to introduce the new MODULAR AVIARY line, entirely designed and built in our department.
Our customers required us to produce an aviary line for birds able to be sturdy, durable, and that could meet the needs of flexibility in space management.
After the study and the realization of several prototypes we have come to define a complete new line of modular panels for cages and aviaries in various sizes.
Different dimensions panels allow you to compose and create an infinite variety of aviary for your birds.
The new concept was developed to be extremely flexible, indeed each module or combination can be replaced with any of the others.
Strong, durable and doubly safe for both the animal and to whom it have to manage the aviary.
A product line that certainly did not take long to establish itself as a benchmark for build quality, and effectiveness over time.
Here you can find the entire line of modular cages and aviaries, click here.